Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Yep, it’ official I am a master swimmer. I kid, I kid. But I did hit up the class again last night, this time it was me and 3 guys. Still not much of a crowd. I got in 2850 yards and it was fun. For whatever reason the 2 times I have swam at HB I feel like I can go forever. Maybe it’s the scrutiny of being watched, maybe it’s the inevitabelnes of knowing I have to swim for an hour + so I might as well get into it, maybe it’s the better pool and water temps? Anyway I have found that I barely rest. I mean I hit the wall at the end of each 25 and turn around, but I only really rest between sets; which means I am swimming hundreds of yards straight. It’s awesome. I am bummed to know I only have like 4 more weeks that I can use this pool. We did a cooldown of 500 kick and I was so worn out, I was really hammering to get through it and felt so accomplished when I was done. We did 6 75’s pull where we alternated breathing every 3rd breath on 25, with every 5th breath. Holding your breath for 5 strokes is hard, but I seemed to go really fast b/c my head was down for so long. Does anyone breathe on the 5th stroke all the time? I have been breathing every other breath and it’s working well for me, every 3rd breath feels weird, but hey every 5th feels great. Interesting.

This morning I was going to get up but was exhausted b/c Mushi’s allergies are kicking in and he was up itching all night, time to put him back on his $2 a day allergy pills. Joy. Poor guy, I felt so bad for him, but was very angry at 3 am when he took to rubbing his head all over me. I got up and took him out and gave him an allergy pill. He should feel better in a few days. But regardless, I wasn’t ready to go to spinning at 5:30. Gary and I are biking after work so it doesn’t really matter. I probably should have lifted weights this morning. My goal is to get back to 2 lifting sessions a week. I haven’t lifted weights in ages and I know it can only help me. It was hard enough to get it in when I just ran, but now that I am trying to get better at 3 sports, ugh. It’s hard! But I will find a way. The HIM plan that I am following has weighs in it, so I will just follow the plan. 18 days until the pig. AHHH.


Dan Seifring said...

Great swim Monica. I started a swim clinic (Sunday - and the next two Sundays) and I too go much better when I am around others in a structured workout.

bobbi said...

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