Monday, April 7, 2008

Last long week

Oooh I just got an email from the Flying Pig - 26 days until game day! Scary. This Sat is 1 more 20 miler and then it's time to taper. My time out of town was fun, but it really messed up my diet/excercise. I have yet to perfect sticking to a plan when I am not home, which is b-a-d. But oh well, it was a recovery week and boy did I recover! I haven't ran since Thursday! Yikes! When I got home yesterday afternoon though we took the dogs for a 3 mile walk and then rode our bikes 10 miles. I had my first fall and busted my knee up pretty good. It hurts pretty badly actually, but it's just the bruise/torn skin that hurts, not my actual knee or anything. But everytime I move my knee it runs against my jeans, ouch. Tonight is a longish bike ride. I am going to try and do 90 mins. It's been awhile since I've ridden for more than an hour. I wish I had stuck to those excel in cycling classes now! But I think I'll be up to 50 mile rides in no time. I am for sure hitting up master's swim this week, I emailed the lady and found out only like 5 people come so we get our own lane! Fantastic.

I was having a hard time juggling the HIM training with the marathon training, so I ditched my plan and found am going to do the plan in the book "12 week triathlete". It works better for me. I can jump into it the week after my marathon and it should time out just right. I will keep swimming and biking up until the marathon of course, but I'm just not following a set plan. After the marathon I am going to shoot for 3 swims, 3 runs and 4 bikes a week up until the HIM. After the HIM it will be time to run more and get ready for the Akron marathon. It's going to be a great year!


Brian said...

Why don't you run your 20 in the valley. I need someone to run with. Everyone else is tapering for boston. Rumor has it I make for a good camel carrying everyone else's food and water.

Joshua Middleton said...

How was the trip to KY?

triguyjt said...

sorry about the knee bashing....

aside from that pain and gory, bloody stuff.....hey, its nice outside.....

hope ky was a fun trip

i always stick to my plan when i go away..but when i get home, a go stupid on myself.

Patricio said...

Sorry about the knee... I still haven't had one of those... it'll come sometime.
Train hard!!


Tri to Be Funny said...

Enjoy the taper and truly focus on the swimming/biking--you'll still benefit from the aerobic base and it will keep your legs fresh! Anxious to hear about Flying Pig. That race has always been on my radar!

Brett Skyllingstad said...

Just saw your comment on my blog and read a bit on yours about your HIM and Marathon training. I ran my first Marathon on 2.17.08. The majority of my HIM at the beginning was running emphasis. Looking back now, I think that truly helped get me ready. With that being said you are gonna rock the HIM with your solid running base. Especially if you are already swimming and biking on your non-run days. Good Luck.

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