Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what am I trying to prove?

I am in just in a bad place. Why do I need to run the marathon? Is it really that big of a deal if I don’t do it? I have trained hard all winter long, but in all honesty I have no confidence for this race right now. I didn’t do the hill training I should have done, I didn’t lose the weight I should have lost, I didn’t do the speedwork I should have done. Now I cannot run without pain. Maybe I should just call it a day and train for a fall marathon? I hate to call defeat, but why push it? I remember how painful the last few miles of that Just a Short Run 30K were. We did 21 miles that day and I was hobbling at the end, I was happy with my time, but did not enjoy the last 5 miles at all. Why put myself through that….what am I trying to prove and to who? Is anyone really going to give 2 shits that I didn’t do this race and what do I care. It’s likely I won’t get the time I want and then I’ll just be disappointed and my feet will hurt even worse. Maybe I should just call is quits and not run for let’s say 3 weeks…then start ramping it back up? I do have an appt with a doctor on Friday and he is a runner, a good one, a 2:30 Boston marathoner and he happens to be head of the sports med dept at a local hospital. I guess I’ll just leave it up to him. Put it all out on the table and get his expert opinion. But I will not be toeing the line at the Pig with any confidence at all at this point. I hate this. The pain has traveled from my right foot up into my calve. The whole leg aches from the knee down. Bite me running injuries.


cdnhollywood said...

Drop the runs - the pain and possible chronic injury is not worth it! You're aiming for a half-IM tri, right? If you don't take care of this, you won't do the tri either.

Drop the Pig, especially if you're not going to enjoy it. Get healed, and focus on non-run training for now to get back to 100%.

There's always next year for the Pig, and there are always other races. But you only get one body, and you have to live with it no matter how it feels.

Take care of yourself first.

The Salty One said...

It sounds like your foot has gotten a lot worse! Why not wait until you see the doctor to make a decision. And for the record, there is nothing wrong with bagging a race because of injury. In fact, that would be something many people would call smart! Worse case scenario, you look back on how things went this winter and make some adjustments and hit it hard in the fall. That isn't so bad! And really, training for a spring marathon in Cleveland ain't easy. You'll have much more success training through the summer for a fall marathon--it will be much more enjoyable anyway.

Take it easy and keep that chin up! You'll be back and better than ever in no time!

Kim said...

REst up and see what the doc says.

triguyjt said...

I think you should see the doc and do whats recommended. i think, staying off it might be the best move. as carrie said, there are many marathons, halfs, etc...

sorry that this is giving you such a hard time.

Charlie said...

A lot of us push thru the pain of an injury. Very few of us have the wisdom to sit one out. I am sure your Doc will help clarify things.

Tri to Be Funny said...

Can't add anything that wasn't said above, but please remember that not running the marathon doesn't make you a failure. It makes you human. You said yourself that it wouldn't be fun. We're not pros...No one is paying us to do this. It's supposed to be fun.

Get healthy and kick butt in the Half IM

GP said...

Listening to your body (and its screams of pain!) is the smart approach. I think that as an athlete who pushes her limits, you're naturally inclined to push this one. But maybe it's just time to chill.

I'll echo everyone else and defer to medical advice. I'm glad to hear you're visiting a running doctor — not only might he be familiar with the injury, he'll also understand what kind of place running has in your life and how important it is to you to get on your feet again.

Just focus on being healthy. That way you can get better and train for many races to come...

Dan Seifring said...

I would agree with others listen to your body and your Dr.

DaisyDuc said...

Hey woman, just catching up! So sorry to hear you are in such a bad place with all of these foot issues!

I agree with Salty. Find out what the doc says and make a decision from there. No one will fault you for bagging a race due to injury and you gotta think longer term as to what may be best for your season!!! Best of luck!!!

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