Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a beautiful day

I don't really like newer U2, but that song keeps running through my mind. I even had 2 work meetings outside today. Nice. After work yesterday Gary and I took the dogs for a walk and then jumped on our bikes. We rode straight up Fairmount to Gates Mills Blvd, then up into a subdivision and back down GM to Lander and over to Shaker and home from there. We rode a bit over 18 miles. It was perfect weather and it was just so nice to be out. I still feel shaky due to the peddles and my quads were trashed from the start of the ride so I struggled a bit. I think the 500 kick I did at master's swimming with fins on must have really worked my quads b/c hill #1 they were screaming and I usually power up hills, it's my strong hand! Gary and I managed to keep around a 16 mph average. I am a little bummed. I used to think that was pretty good, but in reading up on group rides it seems that we would get smoked. We even converged with the Cleveland touring club at one point and managed to hang with them for about a mile, but they lost us on a downhill. I think we have a lot to learn about proper gearing. When coming down a hill should I be peddling like a madwoman? I'm used to just coasting. I want to join some Touring club rides, but am scared to death.

I meant to get up this morning and run, but alas I overslept. So, tonight I must run a few miles and then go to master's swim. It's going to be a long night, but I'm sure the run will be great since it's so nice out.


Joshua Middleton said...

Glad it's beautiful in Cleveland. It's gorgeous here, too. I'm so happy the warm weather has come.

allanjel said...

When going down steep hills I just tuck in on the drops and balance on my pedals (basically get as aero as possible).

Don't worry about group rides, i.e. DRAFTING occurs. The lead riders will help pull you so you will be able to go faster!!

Patricio said...

Yup.. the good weather seems to be finally here!

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