Friday, March 14, 2008

Ahhhh Friday, the 3rd bestest day of the week

Preceded by Sat & Sun, obviously. So, I had such a nice run last night and am very grateful for that. My running mojo has been non existent lately. It was 48 on the drive home and I was speeding home from work b/c I was so excited to get out there. The sun was shining, the snow was melting and I ran in capris and 1 shirt! It was so amazing to have only one layer on, I felt so light! And I was fast (for me). I ran 7 miles in 1:03! Fantastic! And if that wasn't awesome enough, I then rode my bike on the trainer for an hour while I watched Scrubs and did 9 mins of one legged drills on each side and covered 17 miles in 55 mins. And and and I didn't wear bike shorts, nope. I comfortably rode for an hour without padding. Yep, I'm a bad ass. After all the working out, I had some tasty crab soup (from a can, can't remember the brand, but it was delicious) and hunkered down to watch Lost and it was the most amazing episode E.V.E.R! I mean Michael! And is Jin dead? Did he fake his death? What the F**K. I love Lost. If you have never watched it, rent all the dvds, plop on your trainer and watch them all. You will not be disappointed, pinky swear.

Getting out of bed this morning was tough and I came thhiiisss close to blowing it off, but I am sick of taking 2 rest days a week, which I've been doing lately. and I can't work out tonight b/c we are going to the Interclub Social (anyone else going from CTC?) . So, I went to the gym and swam. I can't say it was a fantastic swim, but it was better than Tuesday. But I still felt slow and inefficient. I know I have got to get in the pool every other day, there's no way around it. I let too much time go between swims. I totally was getting lapped by this ironman guy in the lane next to me which just pissed me off, so I swam real fast and wore myself out in 30 mins. So, I decided to call it a day b/c my form was getting sloppy and I couldn't wear my fins b/c we had 4 in our lane and it would have been too much trouble. I schlepped home and got dressed. Totally scrubby by the way. Gary was still in bed and I am used to him being gone, so I had to get dressed in the dark and it IS casual friday, so tshirt, hoody, jeans, nikes, wet hair and glasses. Zexy I know. I smell like chlorine too. Seriously what is that? I shower, wash my hair, shave, exfoliate and I still smell like a pool? Oh speaking of exfoliating, if you are a fan, I recently picked up some grapefruit salt scrub at Trader Joes for $5 and it is the most amazing product. It's salt and this oil that totally seals your skin w/o being greasy and leaves you with a great smell. I am going to go back and get the lavender one. Love TJs.

I don't even want to think about work today. I'm under extreme pressure to get some things done, but as a project manager I don't actually really do any of the work, so it's a hard place to be. Sigh. Why can't I be a kept woman? :) Oh well I love G enough to not run off with a sugar daddy! I really need to figure out a way to start my own business! Think people would pay me top dollar to scoop the dog poop out of their yard? Think people would pay me even more to scoop the dog poop out of their yard in a bikini? Just joking. But hey maybe mowing lawns in a bikini. that's a workout at least!


Dan Seifring said...

Hey Monica,

Shoot me an email to and I will send you info on my training plan.

tracie said...

sounds like that sunshine made you super cheery!

way to go with all the workouts yesterday! :)

see you tonight!

Ellie said...

It sounds like you had some kick ass workouts. That's awesome!

And I have the same problem of still smelling like chlorine no matter how much soap I use. It's quite bizarre

Running on Something said...

ok two thoughts - if you get the dog poop business up and running - count me in -- and who are the oceanic six? something said that after last night you would know the six


am i missing something? who is number 6?

Brian said...

a buck a poop for picking up in a bikini.

No padding on your butt for an hour? My ass hurts on my 30 minute drive to work.

Steve Stenzel said...

Scooping poop in a bikini? You're on to something there!

triguyjt said...

shovelling snow in a bikini!!! that would bring a big pay day don't you think???? You would have to move fast!!! good workout.

I love trader joes
Have not gotten into Lost..but I may go the dvd route...I already forgot who you said I'm good to go.

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