Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ahhhh hell

I'm sick. Not just a little sick, like I have a cold. Like stomach cramps, nausea, fever, headache, sore throat, hurts to move sick. Really sick sick. This is so freaking unfair. I have been sick off and on all freaking winter, well I thought I had been sick, I was just run down, this is sick. I took some dayquil and felt better, but now it had worn off and I feel awful again. I have only ran 3 miles this week, biked for 20 mins and swam 1000 yards. Not good. I mean I am logical. I know if I basically take a whole week off the world will not end and I have over a month until my marathon so I will be fine. But those of you who have done marathons know how important the long run is and I have already missed one when I was home after my dad's funeral. Missing one is okay, missing 2, not so much! I am getting ahead of myself, I need to see how I feel on Sat. I might be able to slosh through at least half of the 16 miles I have on my schedule. Some is better than none. Today I was to do 8 miles of speedwork. Today is a none day, there is no way. I hate being sick, I also hate that unlike most people who lose their appetites when they are sick, I stay home from work and graze allllll day. Ugh. Time to go back to bed.


Christine said...

awwww!! feel better soon! I hateeeee being sick!

Tea said...

oh man....get better soon.

triguyjt said...

get better monica

Charlie said...

Feel better.
Sick sucks.

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