Monday, March 10, 2008

Ow my ankle!

So, the 15K yesterday was interesting. It’s not often that I just pick up and decide to do a race at the last minute, so I didn’t feel very prepared. I woke up at what I thought was 8:30 on Sunday and figured I had plenty of time to shovel, get ready and meet Sara at 11. But then I forgot about daylight savings time and realized I only had like 30 mins to shovel. Gary was still sick and asleep so I didn’t want to wake him. I furiously shoveled one car width down the driveway and gave up about half way down and decided to see if my car would make it. Which it did! Except for the end of the driveway, I had to shovel where the plow had built a wall. I was a little worried going into the race as on Sat I had ran 5 miles in a blizzard, biked for an hour and shoveled twice. My body was sore and I was worried that my back and neck would really start aching, but I need to get my miles in so I headed to meet Sara and Debby in Macedonia. Then we drove together to Peninsula. Luckily the roads were pretty clear. The race wasn’t until noon which was also kind of nice. We started at a high school and it was a looped course. It was all on roads and they weren’t closed to traffic, but there really weren’t many cars. I started the race off with Bridget and was able to hang with her for 2 miles, but my legs were feeling heavy and I knew that I didn’t need to kill myself, just to treat this as a training run and I pulled myself back down to more like a 9 min pace. That pace would slow down a lot on this course. It was pretty much giant hill after giant hill. You basically ran down into the valley and then right back up. Amazingly you only ran downhill for about 2 miles, but uphill about 6! Right at the 5K mark I stepped into a pothole funny and wrenched my ankle to the point that I totally started crying, luckily I had sunglasses on. It startled me more than anything and the pain was just so intense. I hobbled for a little bit until I regained my composure and then took off on a slow trot again. Quickly I was at the bottom of the uphill and it was steep and twisty, so I decided to walk a bit until I was steady on my ankle again. At this point I really thought I was going to have to quit. But ankles sure are amazing things, after about a quarter mile I felt better and was able to get myself back up to a slow run. I finished the race in 1:31. With all thing considered, that’s not that bad b/c I took several walk breaks on the giant hills. My ankle throbbed really badly when the run was over and I limped around all night. Gary and I played scrabble and I sat with an icepack on it and took a lot of ibuprofren and this morning it feels almost okay. My back and neck hurt more from shoveling. I basically feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat. I seriously considered staying home today, but managed to drag myself out of bed. Then when I get here I learned that an integral team member is out and with him out, little gets accomplished, so I wish I had just stayed home. I had the worst day at work on Friday, we got out at 3, but I had to stay until 6 b/c of what a mess one of my projects was and it was totally my fault and that’s such a horrible feeling. Hopefully this week will be better work wise.


tracie said...

i hope your ankle feels better!

i would definitely say that this was a good race since it was a last minute decision and the ankle got a little twisted. :)

good luck with work and i hope your achyness subsides. :)

Brian said...

Sorry, I hope I didn't jinx you with my ankle injury. I had that on Thurs. night and it still is sore and puffy today. Hopefully yours wasn't as bad.
On that note I think i'll pop a couple of ibuprofens now. Besides the hurting getting my foot in and out of shoes and boots, it now feels like it always needs to crack but it hurts too much.

Christine said...

oh no!! great job finishing it out though. I had a really rough run yesterday too.

GP said...

Well, if your ankle doesn't mend soon, I think what you really need is a little cupcakage, right?

We stopped by the shoppe this weekend, and the owner (she reads my blog from time to time) was happy to hear about our spring cupcake run. I had intended on abstaining until then, but I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry.

Great job finishing your race through all the obstacles. What a weekend to leave the house. Go you!

Brian said...

I just talked to my local pt. He said unfortunately rest, ice and ibuprofen are about all you can do. He suggested that I keep my ankle moving every so often with my desk job.

Good luck with yours.

triguyjt said...

1:30....on a ankle that was throbbing....great job monica.....

keep that ice and aspirin going....
you'll be good

Tri to Be Funny said...

You had so many "bad ass" moments this weekend! First of all, I can't believe there was a race after a blizzard! That is hard core!!

Also, I could almost feel your pain when you described the ankle...that heat wave of nausea...ugh. And yet, you finished.

Simply bad-ass.

B Bop said...

Climbing out of the valley on a bum ankle?? No thanks! It was painful on 2 good ankles. I agree, you are bad ass.

Now rest and heal that ankle..and the rest of your aching bones. You deserve it!

Kristen said...

Sorry about your ankle. That sounds like no fun.

I got a new toy to stimulate my stabilizing muscles and hopefully get me back to running:

It's super fun and you can do it in front of the TV. Celebrity rehab+indoboard=awesome.

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