Monday, March 24, 2008

HIM!!!! Day 1!

Ahhh so Monday is here, time to become a triathlete for reals real. It starts off simply enough, just a 60 min spin. I meant to go to spinning this morning, but was in a food coma, so I overslept and will do it at home on the trainer tonight.

I can't decide if I want to hit master's swim classes at Solon at 5;30-7am on Tues & Thurs or at Hathaway Browne from 7:30-8:45 on Tues & Thurs? If I do it at Solon, I can get ready there and get to work at 7:30-7:45 which is a bit early for me. But I much prefer to get my workouts done in the morning. And 7;30-8:45 pm is such a big chunk of the day especially with summer coming.... I guess I should try them both and see what I think. Anyone who reads this that goes to masters swim classes, let me know any tips you think I should know. I emailed both instructors to ask them if I just show up or what? Jump in a lane? Ask for them? How do I know which is the slow group. Ooooh so nervous. But I will just do it. Just like the first time I ran with Second Sole, it was awful, they were alllll so much faster than me, but I didn't die!


someday tri said...

Oooh, day 1 -- how exciting!

As far as Masters, I know all groups are different, but it seems the one thing they have in common is that someone will surely let you know which lane to use. In my group, the attendance is sporadic, so the coach assigns everyone as they arrive. He also greets/eyeballs everyone who walks in to make sure some "rec swimmer" doesn't sneak in for a free Masters workout, so it was easy to get spotted and introduce myself on the first day.

I'd totally vote for the morning session too -- I'm NOT a morning person, but it is the nicest luxury to get done, be showered, and have extra time to caffeine up before the day starts (though it might lead to a bad time-killing Starbucks habit, or something like that :)

Are they casual enough that you could drop in on an evening session on the rare occasion that you don't make a morning one?


Brian said...

Come on down the road to twinsburg. We don't have the masters, but do have starbucks on friday.

Tri to Be Funny said...

Best of luck on this incredible journey! I'm all about morning workouts as much as possible. It sucks getting up, but it's so much better at the end of the day.

triguyjt said...

do the am thing...won't it be nice to get it done and then be an early bird at work?? to ease into the work day..with of course some brewed ground beans helping things.

good job on jumping into the half iron training....

i will likely do the april 13 at hath-brown.. let me know if you and your hubby are in...
on april 19, i may do a rowing session with western reserve rowing association with my sister

Christine said...

Glad you are feeling better. Take care of that knee and let me know how Masters is. I haven't been to a masters practice yet.

Trish said...

Hey Mon --- Masters groups are different: mine is comprised of all DI college level swimmers. I'd like to think I am a decent swimmer, and I was, by far, the slowest. ... one a couple practices there were more people my speed, though. I just got there early and introduced myself to the coach. The people there are really nice. Have fun!


GP said...

Unfortunately, I am a morning person, so my votes goes for the a.m. session as well. It's been my experience that even the toughest swim workout leaves me refreshed in the morning. And it's a great way to start the day. How annoying am I?

I'm sure you'll either be pointed toward a lane or be able to tell where you fit. Avoid the lanes where people are flexing and bragging. You'll want to punch those people by the end. Then they probably won't let you back.

Go for a middle-ground lane (probably one of the actual middle lanes, depending on the setup) so you're not in over your head, but you're still being pushed. Be mindful that other people are around you -- particularly so you get used to the group-swimming dynamic inherent in open-water -- but don't worry about anyone but you.

First practices are hard. But everything thereafter is awesome. Have fun!

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