Thursday, March 6, 2008

A bad case of the blahs

I tell you what I have such a bad case of the blahs, winter is really getting under my skin. I can't seem to shake it, but I don't feel so bad about it b/c I know half the people I know are in the same place. I am not a northerner, I grew up in south central KY. I am not used to only having 2 seasons, winter & summer, I am not used to living under a gray cloud for 5 months at a time. Seriously, once you get midway through Columbus heading south the gray goes away! What is that! I get a touch of the SADD living here, I'm not ashamed to admit it. If I hadn't fallen in love with my husband there is no way I would have shacked up in cleveland. No offense to those of you native to here. I think Cleveland is a wonderful town (first rate park system, good places to eat), but a town cursed with horrible winters and seeings as I hate snow and all things snow related (skiis, snowmen, rudolph, snowcones) I am a fish out of water here. Every year I keep thinking it is getting a little better until March rolls around. March is supposed to be a time of spring and crocuses busting up through the earth, warm rainy days and sunlight, but here it's more gray and snow and it will be off and on until May. It makes me sad. So, the sun came out today and that's exciting, but not enough to raise my spirits. Especially since I hear a storm in a comin carrying 6-10 inches of snow. Living in the Heights area we get the lake effect, argh. When I have lived here for 10 years, 20 years will this get easier? I think starting next year I am going to have to talk hubby into a yearly march vacation, why go in the fall when it's actually enjoyable here? Since I've been having such a hard time getting up in the morning I've given hubby permission to do something gross to me if I am not out of bed by 5:40 every morning, so that will be good motivation, no I won't share what gross thing that is.

So, anyway, yesterday after work I had a nice slow 3.5 mile run and I did the same this morning. My right foot is really nagging me and I am trying not to worry about it. I'm sure if I ignore it it will go away :) Right! Tonight I need to run some more, I am behind b/c I didn't run Tuesday and I'd like to go swim. I am even thinking of trying out a masters swim over at Hawthaway Browne. Now that I am not going to Excel in cycling and spending $10 there, I can spend $5 to drop in on a masters class once a week I think. If I don't start this week I will next.

Well at least this weekend I have a fun party on Sat to look forward to and the indoor tri on Sunday which I am actually nervous about. I know it's only 20 mins of each, but I haven't ever done a brick before, so for all I know my legs will decided not to work after a 20 min spin. ooh and Lost is on tonight, there's another thing to look forward to.

Ooh and my lovely sister made goal at Weight Watcher this week! I am so proud of her. Look at what a hottie she is! Hope she doesn't mind me posting her stuff all over the internet, but considering she was on the Today show and you can see her on their website, I think it' s okay! Her husband just has a few more lbs to go before he's at his goal. So so proud!


Brian said...

Wow. Quite a dramatic change for your sis and her husband.

If you live here you have to learn to get through the winter. Take up skiing next year.

You have to post the gross things your hubby does to get you up. It's your duty for all your blog fans out there.

Running on Something said...

holy cow - congrats to your sister - she looks great! winters in cleveland... well this is my 28th one - and I do have days that i am absolutely done with it (and i love winter - heck my whole wedding was winter/snowflake themed!) just think though - the time change on sunday will help a ton! and i always figure living somewhere that has a lot of gray days makes the blue and sunny ones all that much sweeter! hang in there - spring will be here before you know it!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Sorry it's so crappy STILL in Northern Ohio! What did I learn in school? "April showers bring May flowers." Hang in there...

Smithposts said...

Congrats to your sister and her husband, what an incredible accomplishment! While I am craving one big snow here in east TN, one is the key word. Surely spring will arrive in Cleveland soon.

Christine said...

winters in cleveland. Dont get me started. I am pretty sure I don't ever want to go back. I'm trying to talk my husband into staying down here...we'll see how it goes.

Kim said...

I grew up in NEO, in Medina County, and I know what you mean about the gray skies! It's amazing, I am only about 80 miles south, but we get so much more blue sky. I think alot of it has to do with the lake.

Ellie said...

I am with you; winter needs to leave. Hopefully things will start warming up soon.

And congrats to your sister and her husband. They look great!

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