Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's official, uh oh

Wellll it’s official, I signed up for the Greater C leveland Tri HIM on August 10th last night. Ooooh I am scared. When I should have been working yesterday I spent a bunch of time comparing the plans I had picked out and decided on the trifuel one. It’s simpler, I don’t do well with do 200 of this and then 800 of this, but swim for 45 mins, run for 50 mins with hill repeats, that I can understand. Me like simple. So, my official training starts on March 24th and I am already SCARED to death. On a good week I exercise 7-8 hours, with this plan I start at 8 hours a week and spend most of the weeks between 11-13 hours. I think I will be grumpy! I think I will be hungry! I hope I can keep up with the plan. Nothing on it is too intimidating, the bike hours will be way up from what I do now and there will be an extra swim. It is going to be hard up until May 4th b/c my long runs will be followed the next day by a long long bike ride. I think for my marathon taper I will ease up on the HIM training, I want to be strong at the marathon for sure and then the week after I might not hit the training plan numbers. But those 3 weeks aside I hope to stick to the plan to a T. I’m kind of sick to my stomach thinking about it, but will feel better once spring is here and I can give open water swimming a try. Also, I can’t wait to start bricks, that will be new to me.

Brock and I ran this morning and boy oh boy was it cold. I think it was about 9 degrees this morning. My eyelashes and eyebrows froze and even now an hour later my eyes still feel funny. It was tough, we went slow, my legs have been in really bad shape these past few weeks. I think it’s b/c I was sick and maybe I was running sloppy and then I didn’t hit my miles last week. But whatever the reasons, my right knee hurts and both of my legs just ache a lot more than usual. I also have been on a “diet” since Monday and I cut back my carbs and I think I cut them back a bit too much b/c I was slow this morning for sure. I am basically drinking a protein/flax oil/juice shake before I work out, then eating breakfast, then for a snack I have another protein shake, then lunch, then another protein shake, then dinner, then an evening shake! Lots of protein, Nytro was kind enough to give me lots of good advice that she got from a very well know nutritionist. I’ve only been doing this for 2 days, but boy oh boy have I been full and felt good. And the shake I’ve been making for work has chocolate whey protein isolate, flax oil, powdered peanut butter (PB2, the powdered PB from god) and raspberries so it’s just oh so tasty that I can seem to forget about all the friggin Hershey kisses across the way and the m&ms on the desk behind me! The evening one I use vanilla whey isolate and decaf coffee with a little vanilla extract. I’m also keeping a strict journal of what I eat and how I feel before/after, etc. Anal to some, but I have struggled with getting back to my “fighting weight” for over a year now and believe me this will be the year I do it! I’m already down a bit! But I was up a lot, so that’s not too exciting.

I have a 30K in a few days and I am hopeful it will go really well. tells me it’s going to be like 40, I sure hope that come true, it will be perfect racing conditions! Now I need to figure out what to wear, all I have around are winter winter running clothes. Can’t wait to pack those away.

Okay those of you who use trainers, I have some questions! I have a magnetic trainer, on the back it has a little dial that you can turn and it will move the back part (who knows what it's called) up to your tire to up the resistance I guess. Well to be honest I never thought much about that back dial and kind of left it where it had been since I got it! The resistance seemed about right as I upped my gears. Well, Gary used it and moved it! So, last night I had to think about that wheel and I turned it so it was juuussttt touching my tire and got on my bike...then I determined it really wasn't enough resistance when I was in the big gear and hopped off and adjusted it and then when I was doing one legged drills I couldn't even move it so I adjusted the F**KER again. Anyway a few of the times I got a burning rubber smell from my tired rubbing against this back part. Is that normal? Expected?

Here's a nice picture of Cinti, taken from the banks of my friend Mindy's house in KY, in honor of the Flying Pig - which is really creeping up on me!


tracie said...

way to go on the sign up!!!! i think i'll be at the GCT, but i'm planning on the oly distance so i will there to cheer you on in the end! :)

as for the trainer, i don't make mine too tight so i've never experienced the burning rubber smell....

good luck with those shakes! make sure you fill me in on this on the drive over to girl's night

cdnhollywood said...

Woo hoo - commitment! Great job!

Should I say that I haven't registered for either of the two halfIMs I'm looking at? Nah, probably not.

Oh, by the way - TAG - you're it!

Running on Something said...

don't be overwhelmed by your training schedule! just take it one day at a time and you will be just fine - twenty weeks of a training plan look a lot more daunting when you look at them all at once! I know you'll be able to do it! Congrats on making the commitment!!!

Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on signing up for your half. Good luck with your training. If you can stick with the plan 80 to 90% of the time then you'll have no problem finishing it.
Don't turn that knob too tight. You'll have to find the sweet spot where there is just enough resistance on the tire.

IM Able said...


You're going to do great! Trust me!

And don't worry too much about the weekly times creeping up. First, you'll be able to handle it and it's a gradual difference. And here's the good the weeks go past, so much of those hours will be spent on loooong rides. get through a huge chunk of training in one session.

If I can do it, you can do it. Period.

DaisyDuc said...

Congrats on committing!!!!

Brian said...

All that talk of all those hours and I might not sign up now.

We must have the same trainer. I smelled the burning rubber as well. My bike is fairly new and I really didn't want to get a new tire so I eased the tension on mine.

triguyjt said...

props on the signup..
good for you.. i can never pass up the hershey kisses and the m and m's. do you have time for me to count the ways i love my chocolate. didn't think so..and about giving up the a story of one super caffeinated Indians pitcher I will post on mhy blog soon... I mean a super freak....
take road is right above the euclid creek reservation.... we should get a run in some time

triguyjt said...

euclid creek is just about 2.5 from top to bottom...thats the cool part too.. if you start at the top and go down to highland road, then coming back you are going uphill and if you effort a negative split, then its a good there are other hills too...

Tri to Be Funny said...

Oh my God--your post was full of so many wonderful things!!

1.) Congrats on the Half IM...believe me, you'll adjust to the training schedule. It will take a while, but then 12 hours a week will be the norm!! Don't be scared--how exciting

2.) PB2--what is this and where can I get it? Can you share the protein shake recipe?

3.) Trainer--I recommend the Cyclops Fluid Trainers...they are awesome and rarely wear down a tire.

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