Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To HIM or not to HIM

Well I didn’t swim last night. I took some Nyquil and was asleep by 8:30. I woke up in a total daze this morning. But I am glad I got all of that sleep. But I just detest a day where you sit for 8-9 hours, then get right into bed. I did walk the dogs though and wash Taiko, so at least I did something. I dragged my groggy ass out of bed this morning for a cold 3 mile recovery run. It actually felt pretty good, I was slow, but the run was enjoyable. There was a light snow and I ran solo without my Ipod for the first time in forever. It was nice to just listen to my footsteps. I passed only 1 other person out on this frigid day. Wasn’t it like 50 2 days ago! Damn you Cleveland winter.

Tonight I am going swimming for sure. I hope to do at least 2000 yards, but might try for 3000 since I might only get 1 swim in this week since I am going home. Maybe I can find somewhere in Danville to swim….I’ll have to look into that. My mom sleeps late, so I could go in the morning. I am only have to run 7 miles total while I am home. So, I’ll have plenty of time. But there is only 1 gym in D-ville and it doesn’t have a pool.

I was thinking about my training this morning. If I sign up for the half Ironman, do I also try and do a fall marathon? I just don’t know if I can manage all of that. I know ideally I should pick one and focus on it. So, I think maybe I will forgo a fall marathon and concentrate on doing a half ironman. But if I do the Cleveland one, then I only have like 13 weeks after my marathon. All the plans I looked at were 18-20 weeks. So, I don’t know. But I think I will just bite the bullet and sign up for it. I’ll focus on my marathon plan and swimming until I get through the marathon, then worry about getting the biking miles in. It will be an odd thing though to no longer be worried about running long distances. I have focused on running long every weekend for well over a year. But I want to train smart and since I am not very experienced need to follow a plan. If anyone out there has a good HIM plan they have followed let me know!

Tonight is my FAV tv night, Biggest Loser is on, yay!
This pic is a few years old, it of my mom and me at a shop at Niagra on the Lake. For those of you in Cleveland, if you've never been to Niagra on the Lake, you should go. It's an adorable town and in May they have the most amazing gardens. It's about 30 mins from the Falls.


Patricio said...

Go for it. After you registered you will train even harder.
Good luck!!

Supalinds said...

Go for it!! Why not ya know?!

Sleep feels good, doesn't it!

B Bop said...


Lots of folks like to use the FIRST programs for mary training, because it is only 3 days of running....which leaves lots of cross training time.


Brian said...

Same schedule I'm looking at. Clev. marathon then GCT half IM. As long as you're not too far behind on the biking you should be fine. If you wanted to push it you actually still could get a fall marathon in. If you do GTC and say akron marathon that'll give you about 10 weeks or so to train but you'll already have a good base.

Dan Seifring said...

Go for it Monica.

Running on Something said...

way to get out there this morning! you did better than me - i just rolled over and hit snooze! nice job. I think if you should be able to easily do a fall marathon after the half iron... not that i have experience to back that up -- but i say go for it!

Joshua Middleton said...

Love the picture!

Papa Louie said...

Hey Monica,
I used this for my 1st HIM and was able to be consistent in the training and felt very confident on race day. The web site is: http://www.trinewbies.com/tno_HIM.asp

triguyjt said...

sign up and go for broke...it was make you train harder..

good luck...
nice pic of you and mom

tracie said...

i'm with everyone else! go for it!!

the pic of you and your mom at NOL is so cute! don't you just love it there!? :)

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