Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Wednesday Blahs

9:00 – I have to admit, I haven’t really stuck to the plan I laid out the other day L This bad weather has just gotten to me! Booooo to Cleveland winters. But Monday just sucked my butt. I had one of those irritable, horrible days where I just wanted to choke everyone. It got stinky cold and the weather was supposed to be bad, so I skipped bike class. When I got home G suggested he takes me out to dinner to cheer me up. We had a gift card to PF Changs, and won ton soup sounded good, so I was in. Long story short, we had the nastiest food ever. PF Changs used to be one of my favs, but they changed their menu and they must have changed the ingredients they use b/c everything we had from the spring rolls to the wonton soup to the double noodles with shrimp to the chocolate cake were just funky. Not worth a bite, a dollar or a calorie. So, PF Changs is now officially off our dining list, but at least it was “free” since we had a gift card. So, that was Monday, it became a rest day, but I had worked out 5 days in a row and for 5 hours over the weekend, so I was fine with that. Yesterday I did good exercise wise – I ran 4 miles, lifted for an hour and rode my trainer for an hour! But I was still in a bad mood and still am today L I am ready for spring. I am ready for a change, I am ready for a lot of things. Still dealing with some stuff from my dad’s death that is for sure. Maybe I should cut all my hair off or get a new tattoo!


tracie said...

eeewww to PF CHangs. :( that is pretty disappointing as i liked that place!

i TOTALLY know what you mean about the BLAHs. i wanted to kill everyone yesterday so your monday was my tuesday for sure!

hang in there, it is wednesday so only two more days! :)

DaisyDuc said...

Girl your hair looked super cute on Saturday!

That is one long day of working out yesterday!

Papa Louie said...

Cut off your hair but don't get a tatoo. You don't want to have something on you to remind you 30 years from now how the blahs got to you.
If I ran for 4 miles, lifted and biked for an hour I might be in a bad mood too. Maybe, you need to not work so hard. Enjoy.

Brian said...

I used to goto pf changs alot. Sucks that they are no good anymore.

I think there will be a lot of happy people in the area when spring does finally come and stay. Plus the trails will be good and messy.

Tri to Be Funny said...

You're allowed to be pissy every now and again. It's your right! Like everything, it will pass when the sun finally comes out again!

Joshua Middleton said...

You can cut your hair and look like Peter again!

Sorry to hear you are having a blah week. I feel the same way about the weather. We haven't been having near the bad weather that you guys have had, but this week it's been rainy and sleety and just plum gross.

I'm so ready for spring too. I'm ready to get rid of this heavy ass jacket, take off my scarves and gloves and put on some shorts and flip-flops! That'll cure those blahs!

Keep your head up. You have a lot to be thankful for!

Love, Josh

Ellie said...

It seems like it's been a blah week for a lot of people. Yuck. I am also so, so ready for spring.

Sorry to hear about PF Changs and the bad food. I've never been there, but going to a restaurant and expecting good food only to get junk is never a fun experience.

Patricio said...

Wow... that sux about PF's... I always liked that place.

I hear you tho... can't wait till sping time and be able to get out and run and ride... and even swim!

It's cold and windy here in St. Louis....

Hang in there!

Supalinds said...

That is a total bummer, I lurve me some PF Changs. Out here in the West they even started a fast food version of it...same stuff, but faster and cheaper.

GP said...

I've been blog-gone for a while, but I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I wish you and your family all the best.

And Monday's go-outside-if-you-dare was more than enough to get you down. I admire your drive in even stepping outdoors to get food. I lost feeling in my fingers for four hours after a five-minute walk to work. It's just too bad the food wasn't fab.

Fortunately, you live in a good place for food, and there are plenty of great place to eat!

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