Saturday, February 23, 2008

I got tagged!

Alright - I got tagged by Tri guy JT and Mr Skin! You can visit their blogs from my links on the left. The rules are:

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7 facts about me

1 - I am the youngest of 5 girls. My closest in age sister in 9 years older than me though, so she went to college when I was 9 and I had the house to myself.

2 - I volunteer for Shar Pei Savers and have 2 myself. I grew up with them. We got ourfirst one at a pet store in the 80s, we didn't know any better back then. Then in college I worked for a very reputable shar pei breeder who won all kinds of awards, we got 3 dogs from her. Seeing the dogs there just broke my heart and got me involved in rescue. I never realized what horrible lives breeder dogs have. Now I am all about adoption and you will never catch me buying a dog or cat when millions die everyday. Ikind of wish all breeders were outlawed, there is just no need for mom and pop breeders in my opinion. Yes, yes, breed integrity I know. But I think we'd all be fine if one day there were nothing but mutts left.

3 - I read extremely fast and go through 3-4 books and 8 magazines a month. I just finished 2 really good books - My Lobotomy and Hope's Boy, both were true stories and very good reads. Some of my favorite books - Bridge to Terabithia, Time Travelers Wife, Fried Green Tomatoes, and the Harry Potter books.

4 - I have a horrible horrible debilitating fear of spiders, sharks are a close second. i could never live in FL b/c of the wolf spiders. Once when I was snorkling I almost ran into a shark and another time I was on a sandbar when a shark swam by and I stayed on that sad bar so long b/c I was afraid to get back into the water that I got sun poisoning.

5 - I used to do community theatre (I was Peter Pan!) and was a founding member of an improv comedy group called Don't Tell Anna in college (Xavier University), that improv group is still around.

6 - I had a lot of pets growing up, rats, lizards, mice, a chinchilla, ferrets, a baney rooster, tree frogs, and of course many dogs and cats.

7. I met my husband at a trade show for work in Columbus. I was selling bridge patching materials at a highway maintenance conference. He is a civil engineer. We hit it off at a bar and hung out for a day or so. Then I went back to Cincinnati and he went to Cleveland, but he emailed me and then he came to visit about 3 weeks later - we went and saw the Adam Sandler movie Punch Drunk Love. That was that. We saw each other every weekend for the next 10 months at which point I moved to Cleveland. We flip flopped weekends. We got engaged after only 6 months (but then waited another year to get married). We've been married 4 years!


triguyjt said...

sorry about the tagging, monica...

nice stuff.

quick courtship...long, long marriage... good for you and your hubby

Brian said...

I second that.

I hate to say tell you but there are wolf spiders here in NE Ohio. They are horrid looking and super scary. The one's to really be afraid of are the brown recluse. Some people actually need plastic surgery after its bite.

Christine said...

I'm so glad you and your hubby found love...and stayed in Cleveland. I miss it sooo much there! Too bad you aren't doing the Cleveland marathon. Will you be going to watch?

RunnerGirl said...

Saw on your profile that you're training for The Pig, you'll love it but you'd better get ready for some hills! I'm doing the half this year as I'm still not recovered from doing the whole thing last May :)

Brian said...

Sorry, yes about the wolf spiders. I had a shed at my old house and there was a freakishly big one. I took a pic and then researched it and found it was a wolf. Big ugly nasty thing.

As for the VR running group. Yes there are plenty of people in 9:30 pace group. There are people from sub 8's all the way to probably 11 min. mile pace. I try to do my longer runs around 9:30 pace so you can run with me and we'll talk spiders.

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