Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye fat jeans

I’m feeling very agitated and frustrated on many levels. I think in order to get myself back into a proper mindset, I need to create some real structure in my life for the next few weeks before I go back home. The source of a lot of my unhappiness for sometime is my weights. Now yes logically I know that I am not super fat and yes, I know that weight should not equal happiness. But you know what in some ways for me it does and I am okay with that. I am up 10 lbs from where I should be and the reason is painfully obvious yet I can’t seem to curb it. I am eating like a crazed wilderbeast. There are no other excuses, I have got to get control and this was going on way before my dad died. I had to buy a new pair of jeans up a size so that I had something to wear that doesn’t feel like sausage casings! In order to get myself in check I need to get better about my workouts. If I am hitting my workouts, I am better at hitting my food, plus if I am hitting my workouts, that piece of pizza I just ate after already having my soup for lunch, won’t be so detrimental! I am going back home on the 23rd. I need to really focus on getting myself under control before I go there b/c no doubt being there will bring back on these intense emotions and if I am already sloppy, I’ll continue being sloppy. So, it helps me to write things out, here are the workouts I want to do between now and home. Plus, I made up my race schedule and am itching to start my really long runs. Here is what I am thinking.

Today – Excel in Cycling
Thurs 7 – AM 5 mile run, PM 2000 yard swim
Fri 8 – AM 5 mile run & weights, PM yoga DVD
Sat 9 – 14 mile run, 800 yd swim
Sun 10 – spin class, 1500yd swim

Mon 11– Excel in Cycling class
Tues 12- AM 4 mile run, 1500 yd swim
Wed 13– AM spin class & weights (PM meeting with financial planner)
Thurs 14 – AM 6 mile run (PM Vday dinner)
Fri 15– REST

Sat 16– 16 mile run, 800 yd swim
Sun 17 - spin class, 2000yd swim, 3 mile run

Mon 18 – Excel in Cycling
Tues 19 – 3 recovery mile, 1500 yd swim
Wed 20 – 2500 yard swim
Thurs 21- 18 mile long run (split 5-6 before work, 13-14 after, get out of the way before I go home)
Fri 22 – REST drive home
Sat 23 – (Home) 7 mile speed workout
Sun 24 – (Home) 2 mile run

If this doesn’t yield a few lbs lost, I’m in trouble!


supalinds said...

If that training schedule doesn't produce your skinny jeans...well I just don't know, that wouldn't be right :)

The struggles of training...train hard, eat lots, train harder, eat some point it will all come together!

IM Able said...

Wow. You have almost 20 days of training, many of which are 2-fer days, and only 2 rest days! Wow. I'm sure I couldn't maintain that schedule! I'd wind up hurting myself half way through...but then again, I'm a major fan of rest days because they give me an excuse to catch up on all my tri/girlie mags!

Go for it!

triguyjt said...

good luck in keeping with the training sked and with curbing the food impulses.

putting it all out there will be motivating, i think

Joshua Middleton said...

That routine should definitely tame the wilderbeast!

You're funny!

Side note - who are you voting for?

I would like to urge your fellow Ohio bloggy friends to vote for Hillary!

tracie said...

#1 YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

#2 Listen to your body and if it is telling you to speed up or slow down, do it!

#3 YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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