Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Um really back to the norm starting TODAY

Well yesterday did NOT go as planned. I got to work and got so sick. I was feverish and nauseous and just wanted to curl up into a ball. I’m sure it was just the stress of all the work waiting for me and then everyone coming up to me wanting to console me and asking me what happened. Like I want to tell that story over and over again. Folks, here’s a little advice, when someone’s parent/spouse/child/best friend dies and you want to do something for them – do not call in the first few days unless you are super close, do not stop by unannounced with food, do not ask them what happened, do not stand around in their cube asking them how their relationship with their dad was…. Sigh. I know people just mean well, but I am just so freaking angry right now and as much as I hate my job, at least it gets my mind onto other things.

But anyway I got really sick. So I didn’t work out!!!!! I did lift some weights, but almost threw up, so I stopped. So, no bike class, I’ll go Wed. Today is a 5 mile run. I was going to go out this morning, but it was pouring, so I decided I could use a little more sleep, but then didn’t ever fall back asleep, but spending 2 hours curled up with Mushi is good too. I’ll run after work. Hopefully outside, but if it’s still pouring, to the gym I go. I wish I had just gotten it out of the way this morning, but when it’s still dark, it’s hard to make good decisions J Luckily the scale is back down a little. I am up 2 lbs from what I had lost, but not back up to my weight from Jan 1. At least today/yesterday my appetite has calmed down. But I am having a hell of a time concentrating on work. It’s hard to card about software right now. Heck, it’s always hard to care about software :)
I ordered some flippers fro Keifer. I can't wait to get them. I am actually ready to get back into the pool. I think I will do 10 laps with the pull bouy, 20 laps with the flippers and 10 laps with no assistance. The coach I saw told me it was fine to use the buoy and flippers to build up my stamina, which is zilch right now.


Tri to Be Funny said...

Truly sorry for your loss (and subsequent illness)this week. Your post rang true in many ways and I appreciate you sharing. Hang tough and get well!

triguyjt said...


in due time...in due time...

best to you

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