Monday, February 18, 2008

manic monday

NOTE TO SELF – when you are sick, running a 5k and then a 16 miler the next day, may not be the best way to get better. After feeling slightly better post run yesterday I woke up this morning to a splitting headache, stomach ache and sinus mess. Lovely. No bike class tonight, got to knock this bug and sitting in a crowded sweaty room of bikers for 2 hours is probably not the best way to do that, just like running for 3 hours in the rain wasn’t either. Runners, we’re weird people aren’t we!

So, I am at work, but quickly planning my escape. Skipping lunch and scooting out early today is in order. My boss isn’t here today and my 3 busiest clients are closed today. I really, really, really need to swim today, as I didn’t swim once last week, but you know how when you are sick and all stopped up in the head, swimming sounds like the last thing in the world I want to do right now.

Happy Birthday today to my lovely sister Melanie. She moved to South Carolina a few years ago and we really don't see each other enough! But it was nice to spend time with her when we were home for dad, even if it was under cruddy circumstances.


Heidi Robb said...

Monica, I finally got up and running! Thanks, Heidi

tracie said...

happy birthday melanie!

i hope you start to feel better soon!!!!

Brian said...

see you should have taken off for presidents day. you could have slept in and still gotten a workout or two in.

triguyjt said...

slow down there...get healthy and kick it back up....

in honor of george washington, you have a choice today.
1. chop down a cherry tree
2. rest with NO workout

I vote for #2

Joshua Middleton said...

Looks like you didn't get President's Day off today, either. What's up with that!

Rest up and get better!


Christine said...

Was the Cleveland hard? 16 miles...eeek! My furthest is still 13.1 haha. Great jOB!

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