Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Duper Saturday

So I actually got to sleep in today! Well, actually Tai got up at 2 and 5 am to go potty! Which is not normal, usually they sleep through until 5:30, but hey when you got a hot turd in the chamber you gotta go! But I did sleep until 8:30 which was nice.

After some coffee and yummy oatmeal with PB in it, I met Beth and Abbie for a 14 miler. The weather was actually pretty good, it was a mild 40 degrees and only rained a teeny bit at one point. However, I was very worried for this run. Gary and I went out for a 5 miler last night and I did 3 and my right foot started killing me, so I hobbled home. Our run started out okay, we ran from John Carrol up Fairmount to Ursuline where we took a water stop. Both Beth and I could feel blisters forming so we had to search for bandaids. We eventually got some bandage tape from the Ursuline lifeguard who was like 12 and had jeans on and was lifeguarding a pool full of kids....interesting. FRom there we ran up to Lander. At about mile 8 my foot started bothering me again. By 9 is was majorly bothering me, I was getting major sharp pains in the arch of my foot. It's a really odd sensation, it feels like my foot is pulled to tight and it can't bend right, very wierd and very painful. I have been lucky in my running career (all of 2.5 years) to never have a real injury, I hope one isn't brewing. I think my new cushy shoes may be the culprut. So I told A&B to go ahead and I was going to have to run/walk the rest and that's exactly what I did. It was a struggle, but when I did run I kept it around 9:00 min miles and just tried to truck along. Every bad run is fixed by a little Justin Timberlake on the Shuffle, so I found his songs and just drifted off into my imagination of the 200 dirty things that I would like to do to him that are not proper for this blog. I got back to our starting spot at 13.18 right when A&B were finishing up their 14. So, I wasn't too awful behind them. We had a little breakfast and then I headed home. When I walked the dogs, I got in the rest of the 14 miles for the day.

I headed to the pool with little break and pulled off my longest swim yet! 40 laps, 2000 yards. Yeah me. I felt really good. Beth had mentioned that she breathes every other stroke, as opposed to every third so I gave it a try and it worked like magic! Everything just kind of came together. I used the kickboard for 3 laps and the fins for 10 and the pull bouy for 8. BUt it was a pretty good swim and I am pleased to have swam over a mile after running 14. I got home and crashed! Now I'm eating some dinner and it's about time to get ready for the CTC party. It's alwasy so fun to see your workout friends in clothes besides running clothes, should be fun.


Joshua Middleton said...

Glad you got to sleep in today. I totally did too!

I could only imagine the things you'd do to Justin. You're too much!

Have fun at the party!!

tracie said...

way to go with the swimming!!!!!!!

just watch the foot and see how things progress. as a result of my recent 'issues' i do have a recommendation for a great doctor if you foot doesn't stop hurting. :)

Patricio said...

Hey, just a quick note to let you know I read your blogs and enjoy them. Initially saw the link in the runner's world forum.
I just started getting in the blogger world and it seems to be real fun. Wish me luck! :)

Keep training hard and safe!

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