Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spongebob immune systems

Okay, yes, I am going to sign up for a HIM, but now which one!!! Clevelanders I need your opinions do I go with the Greater Cleveland Tri onAugust 10th, its part of the Beast series which I was wanting to participate in or do I give myself a few more weeks to train and go with the Buckeye Challenge on the 24th? Are there any others in Sept/Oct in the area you would recommend? Also does the GTC or Buckeye fill up quickly, do I need to register right away to ensure a spot or do I have a month or so to think on it?

Last night Tracie and I hit the pool at the J. I had plans of swimming 2000 yds+ but only made it 1500. The pool was like 70 degrees and I literally was on the verge of throwing up at lap 30, so I called it quits. But I swam the first 20 minutes with no accessories to see how far I can go. The CTC indoor tri is on the 9th, so I am hoping to be able to do 800 - 1000 yards in the 20 mins they allot (20 min swim, 20 min bike, 20 min run). Last night I completed 14 laps in 20 mins, so 700 yards. But I wasn’t feeling my best, so hopefully I can improve on that in the next 2 weeks. I will say that my swimming has most definitely improved. I used to have to rest after every 25 yards, now I don’t rest until 50yds and can sometimes make it 100 yds. This is great. But I can’t flip turn, not that I’ve tried…but I wonder if I need to learn to so I can swim uninterrupted. Grabbing onto the wall every 30 seconds isn’t very realistic. I can’t wait to get into outdoor swimming, but since its Cleveland, that will be a few more months for sure. I am going to go buy a wetsuit soon though while they are still on sale. I saw one at Bike Authority that I think will work for me, the brand is 19 and it’s sleeveless and calf length. I guess that’s okay, I’ve read a lot of opinions on long sleeved versus short sleeved wet suits and think I will go with short sleeved so I can move my arms more freely.

Yesterday I was feeling much better, today I feel awful again. Grrrrrr. It’s just amazing to me that I can be sick all the time. I take my vitamins, get plenty of rest, but I just have the immune system of a sea sponge. If anyone around me is sick, 2 days later so am I. Anyone know of any really good immune systems supplements? I hate to take another daily pill; I already take 2 fish oil, 2 glucosamine, 1 chromium and 1 women’s daily vitamin. Maybe I need to add a B supplement? Maybe it’s just b/c I work in a larger office now so there are more germs? Before this job I always worked at small companies, so 40 people tops. So, with 300+ I guess the germ pool is larger.


Papa Louie said...

I chose the Buckeye Challenge over GTC. I know the GTC course and race director and decided to go with HFP race for my first HIM and really had a nice time. I will probably do that race in a couple years. Although, the Deer Creek HIM in Sept might be even better. I like that area.

Kim Ammon said...

There is a chance I will be doing GCT!

Supalinds said...

Good call on the HIM. I think those are the perfect distance!

The swimming will come. Just keep pushing it one 25 at a time. And voila, you will be there.

triguyjt said...

keep pushing that swimming...
see how far you have come.
I have a sleeveless that comes down to the ankles... easy to get on and off..

DaisyDuc said...

Well I don't know much about Buckeye but I give a thumbs up to GCT. I think I will be doing it this year. (I have a friend's wedding the night before is my hangup.)

The bonus of GCT is sooo many friendly faces and you can get out there and practice the course a ton. Plus Beast Series!

GP said...

Wowzaas! I didn't know you were up to HIM already. Great!

I agree with daisy: while I don't know Buckeye, my vote goes with GCT. It has such a warm and friendly atmosphere. I think I'll be doing an Olympic there this year.

Brian said...

I did the buckeye 2 years ago. I'm sure I blogged about it. It was my first and only so far half IM. The bike had 1 big hill that you have to ride twice. 2 laps. And the run was an off road course with a fair amount of hills. It was really hot the year I did it and I was dead on the run.

But, it is a smaller lake then erie, and erie can sometimes make for a rough swim.

Anyway, I'd say just sign up for GTC and call it a day. Besides the hotels / motels around buckeye are really scary. Like you think someguy with a banjo will start playing and telling you to squeal like a pig.

Joshua Middleton said...

I hear the best way to keep yourself nice and healthy is to wash your hands constantly - or use that purell stuff.

and consume lots of spicy, hot peppers!

Kim Ammon said...

Do I need to add another vote for GCT! You get to race with everyone you train with...which makes a long race worth while. Call me, lets talk about the 15K next weekend. I will pack all of my winter clothes...just in case!

Tri to Be Funny said...

So is your pee NEON with all of the vitamins?!? :-) COngrats on the swimming improvements. I can totally relate to your progress! Can't give you Ohio race advice, but the Buckeye Challenge is a cool name!

Charlie said...

This is our party! It is really nice to have the CTC crowd with you during the late stages.
I have promised Micky I will play at the finish line again. I can't promise and Phish, but I do a few by the jammy group that came before Treys band.

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