Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am in love with this website. They have the funniest pictures.
So day 1 of the diet went well and when I stepped on the scale I was already down 2 lbs, hahah. So, funny how weight fluctuates. I ended up eating a little over 1600 calories, but did an am spinning class for 45 mins and a pm 10 mile ride outside with the husband. We live in an area with a lot of blvds, so it’s nice to have all these 2 lane 1 way roads. That way we can ride 2 abreast and stay together easier. We rode up Shaker to the square and then over by Larchmere and up by the Shaker Lake mansions and home. Today is a master’s swim class. I was going to get up this am and do the arc trainer, but wasn’t able to get out of bed. Oh well, I am trying to scale back a little anyway so I can focus on my food intake. No need to work out 2.5 hours today really. 1.5 master’s swim will be sufficient. It is gorgeous out today, I wish I had a job the kept me outdoors.

Both of my dogs are sick right now, it’s the worst. They are like babies, they can’t tell you what is wrong. Tai was throwing up yesterday and the day before, but other than that seemed fine. It was the day after an allergy shot, so it might be related. I called the vet and they said just to keep an eye on them. Then last night Mushi stared acting all sad and waddling around with his head down wanting to snuggle against you. He has a bit of a fever and his breathing was loud last night so I think he has a cold. I gave him a Benadryl this morning, hopefully that will help him. We have a vet appt. on Saturday anyway for bordatella snoot shots, so we can have the vet give them a check up then.

Today my feet finally feel a little better. I am tempting to run this weekend and see how it goes, but I don’t want to get into the cycle of, it feels better so I run, then it hurts, so I take another week off and so forth. I haven’t ran in one week. I haven’t missed it until today.


Tea said...

Ok...I am visiting THAT website asap. That pix is hilarious!

Nice going on the diet, especially when you see results. It's just the motivation you need to stick with it.

allanjel said...

I hope your puppies feel better (sniffle). It always breaks my heart when my furry "pig" Bails is under the weather :(

Glad to hear the down time is easing the foot pain (babysteps, 1 day at a time :)

CJ said...

Good luck at the doctor. You were lucky to get in with Dr. Shah so quickly. If he gives you the okay to run, are still considering doing the Buzzard this weekend? If you wanted to minimize running, you could do the biathlon rather than the duathlon. As of now, I'm planning on doing the biathlon. I haven't been feeling all that great this week, and I have the Hermes 10-miler tomorrow, so it's going to be a last minute decision.

trishie said...

I live for Icanhascheezburger =D // Let me know if you want some good swim workouts -- I have a bunch that are 3000-3500 m.

Joshua Middleton said...

Your poor puppies. I hope they start feeling better soon!

triguyjt said...

i was in the gym one day this week...but i ran long every day to take advantage of the great weather....

the gym will always be there... hope the pups are better

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