Monday, December 17, 2007

Ahhh man, I kept smelling something and it turns out it’s me! The shirt I’m wearing smells like diner food, seriously. It was hanging in my closet, what gives? Not a great way to start the week. Good thing I can go a whole day at work without really interacting with anyone. Today will be one of those days I think.

I went swimming, I managed to make it through 1200 yds, which is my longest swim yet. But it was a really bad swim, I felt weak and all over the place. I did lift weights a bit on Sat, but nothing hard core. After that I met Tracie for coffee and a chat. Which is always nice. Then I went home and vegged while G watched the game. We went and saw “I am Legend” at Shaker Square. I really liked it, Gary didn’t. He thought it was too slow. I kept telling him the whole point was to show you how isolated the character feels, etc. But he wasn’t in to it. I got totally emotional at several points, so I give it two thumbs up. And it’s visually stunning to see NYC totally empty, very well done. And I’ll take a slab of will smith with a side of fries anyday. That is a hunk of a man. My Will crush goes way back to the parents just don’t understand day. After that there was a rousing match of scrabble (I won!) and early bedtime (9!).

I soooo don’t want to be at work today. Staying in bed when it’s cold and snowy sounds like a much better option. We took the dogs for a run in the snow last night, they had a good time, but poor little Tai is such a gordo his belly drags in the snow. So, I need to find him a sweater. I wonder if they make dog clothes in husky? We did end up getting some snow. Not a foot like they predicted, but a good amount. I took a funny picture of Mushi with snow on his face, I’ll post it later. He likes to scoop the snow up in his mouth and eat it like a bulldozer. Here's one of Tai from last winter:

I was set to go to Excel in Cycling tonight, but with the weather decided it’s not really smart to drive that far. I have really bad night vision, so adding sloppy roads, equals not the best idea. So, I am going to try and make the 6:00 boot camp class at my gym and if I can’t, I’ll swim. There is a 7:00 belly dancing class that has always intrigued me as well. Maybe I’ll do 2 solid hours at the gym tonight. That would be rad. Yeah I said rad.


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