Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wintery Weekend

Hey guys - to get layouts like this one, just google blogger skins and you can find all kinds, then you just past the XML on the template page. You have to redo your sidebars, well there's probably a way around it, but I didn't figure it out, so I just redid my links, etc. Also, you can add the navigator bar back in if you want. There are lots of neat skins out there.

Got up early today and met Abby and Chris for a hilly run. It's pretty cold today, so the first 3 miles into the wind were tough. My heart rate monitor was not behaving and kept slipping down and causing me much unneeded stress! Fark you Garmin. When it isn't getting a good signal, your watch makes a really annoying pacman type sound. So, I was fiddling with it and running up a steady incline and ended up making my shoulders quite crampy. We ended up doing 11.5 and now I am all cozy and warm in bed! I had some warm soy milk with a cinnamon teabag in it, that was soooo good, new fav. drink. It's definately wintery out, there's a big storm a brewin, so I'm sure everyone in Cleveland is at the grocery today stocking up on canned vegetables and toilet paper. Today G is with his mom getting skiis, I might join them for lunch soon, don't know yet. I really want to go see I am Legend and we need to finish up our Xmas shopping.

Last night we watched a Planet Earth on antartica and it REALLY upset me. It was about how polar bears have to swim further and further to get food b/c of global warming. They followed this one polar bear who was out to sea for days! I guess he rested on ice drifts. Then when he gets to this island it has walrus' and he has lost half his body weight and he's all tired and scrawny. He keeps trying to eat them, but they are too big and their skin is too thick and they get him with their tusks and he literally just collapses of exhaustion and hunger and curls up into a ball and goes to sleep to die AND his family is waiting for him to bring food back, so they'll die too. Yeah, it was completely depressing and make me curl into a ball and go to sleep so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. Seriously CAMERAMAN get the damn bear a sandwich. How can they just watch that and not help him! Not that I didn't feel sad for the walrus' too, I did. Someone explain to me how I am not a vegetarian! I would choose to hang out with a walrus over a human anyday.

I am watching VH1 and the Fergie fartface video for Big Girls Don't Cry is on, could that Milo guy from Heros get any sexier? I mean really? That is a heck of a piece of man.

Oh best week ever just came on with their best year ever special, I think someone is going to be laying in bed for the next hour and that someone is me. Guess I'll use the stick while I watch the tube and veg out. Before you ask Josh, that's nothing dirty! The stick is this running massage thing, it's stick with beads on it and you roll it over your legs and such. Yeah, I guess it does sound dirty.

I'm going to be switching up my workout plan, trying to alternate legs/arms. Here is what I am thinking, keeping in mind I need to run 4 days a week soon for my marathon plan:

Sat - Long run and light weights at home - abs/arms
Sun - Long swim (1 mile), yoga, and then if I feel up to it 30-45 mins on the trainer
Mon - PM Excel in Cycling
Tues- AM swim, PM run with CTC 4-6
Wed - AM run 6-9 miles
Thurs - AM 3-4 mile run, PM masters swim
Fri - Spin class, abs/arms

Friday will be my rest day when I need it


B Bop said...

Whoa, you really spiffed things up on your blog.

I didn't see the Planet Earth last night, but the problems that polar bears are beginning to face is pretty upsetting. There are many other arctic species that are having a rough go of it....but I think TV has grabbed onto the polar bear because 1) they seem to be the effected to a greater extent than other critters, and 2) they are so fuzzy it makes you want to pet them.

That's a pretty busy workout schedule. Me, I need at least 1 rest day every week.

Joshua Middleton said...

Yea, you're right, it still sounds a little dirrty!! :)~

The Antarctica segment sounds sad, I might skip that one. Damn global warming!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think of I Am Legend. I really want to see it as well, and the new movie out called Juno.


Charlie said...

Going veg might be the best way to help the bears. Here is why.

Bbop- Don't pet polar bears. They might try to pet you....or eat you.

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