Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reindeer Run~!

15 Monica Nowac chip time: 25:24.45 clock time: 25:40.60 8:17/M

Woohoooo last race this year and I got my best time! 8:17 avg. per mile! I was 15th in my age group (out of 44). I am so tickled. This gives me hope that I can get myself down into the 7's per mile. I am not very fast, compared to the 14 people in front of me (Espeed won our age group with an impressive 6:17/M!), but I have come so far. My first 5K which was in May of 2006 was 31:40! And I am about 10 lbs over my fighting weight right now, I am starting to think that one day I might just be further up in the standings. Woohoo. Big shout out to my girls who all did so well today - Abbie, Sara, Debby and Tracie. Abbie took 5th in her age group. She always wanted to finish in under 25 mins and today she finished under 24 mins!!!!

After the race, I went home and took a quick nap. Then Tracie came by and we headed to the JCC and swam and did yoga. I only got 500m in, sorry VTC girls.

I had plans to run 13 miles tomorrow, but it is not looking good. THere is a big snow storm coming. If it does, then I will try and power through 6 outisde and then maybe hit the treadmill for another hour. I hope the weather just calms down and I can get my 13 in. We'll see. Right now I am exhausted and I am going to snuggle with my dogs and Gary and watch a Planet Earth dvd. Have a good night.


B Bop said...

Congrats on a great race this morning!!!!

I hope is snows and snows....makes the winter runs more scenic ;-)

Joshua Middleton said...

Congrats to you and all your girls! I'm so proud of you for finishing up the year with your best time. You can't get better than that!!

Let me know what you think of Planet Earth, I've heard good things about it so far.


E-Speed said...

great race Monica! Sorry I missed you out there. All the CTC gals rocked it!

DaisyDuc said...

Hey Monica! Great job on having a great race to close the season!

tracie said...

You did a great job yesterday!!!! The JCC was a really nice way to finish out the day! Thanks again!

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