Thursday, December 13, 2007

Big Birthday

So I woke up at 5:15 this morning prepared to go run 6-8 miles and was met by a nasty, wet, gross, smelly snow. So, I got in my car and drove to the gym and swam! Nope, not really, my lazy ass got back in bed. Go me! Oh well, it was cozy and warm and Mushi was spooning with me, so it was a lot nicer than working out. But I should have done it and I HATE that if my plan is foiled that I don’t go to plan B. HATE. Oh well, today will just be a resty type week with 3 days off of working out! You need those sometimes anyway. Hopefully I can make it to the gym tonight, but not quite sure what the evening holds.

Last night I went to the Excel in Cycling class and it was great. Minus Mr.Muscle man that pointed out to me that it’s a lot better clipped in. Really? I didn’t know that Mr.Muscle man. So, I replied that not everyone has $300 sitting around to buy new cleats/pedals so shove it. No, not really, I said I know and I’d get them eventually. I was in the back of the class this time and had a very nice convo with the guy next to me whose daughter in law happened to graduate college with me. Small world, no? My legs are very sore this morning, but the trunks don’t feel as sore as last time. But my butt sure does. Seriously I think my taint might fall off. I need to invest in some new cycling shorts, I asked for some for Xmas. Hopefully I will get those.

Today is my wonderful husband’s b-day. Big 3-2. Happy Birthday G. It’s no surprise, for his birthday he’s getting climbing lessons either at the downtown rock gym or Appalachian Outfitters. I am very interested in it as well, but he has been reading books on rock climbing and tying knots and he’s ready to go. We are talking about taking one of the vacations that REI offers. It’s a beginner climbing weekend in NC. 3 days, and you camp, then we could spend a day or two in Asheville my favorite of favorite places. We’re also going to try and snorkel with some manatees in FL this summer. Lots of fun ideas.

Yesterday’s food was good. I didn’t put one morsel in my mouth that I didn’t write down. The evil Hershey kiss cravings were curbed by some afternoon coffee (not coffeecoffeecoffee nytro, just plain old coffee). I shouldn’t have had 2 bar type foods, but the cliff bar sounded better than the gel during class so myneh.

Breakfast – 2 slices prosciutto (70c), cranberry instant oatmeal
Lunch – salt bagel with light cream cheese (not the best choice, but it was GOOD!)
Dinner -
Snacks- Trader Joes quesadilla (240cals) , ummm animal cracker cookies, ummmmm skim latte ummm oooops there may have been a handful of fucking hershey kisses too and there may be gelato for G's bday. FARK!


Joshua Middleton said...

This post cracked my shit up this morning. It reminded me of my girlfriend Chelsea. From the converstation with the muscle guy to the whole taint falling off.. I was doubled over in stitches.

I love you!


P.S. Happy Birthday to the Big G!

Steve Stenzel said...


Dan Seifring said...

I would love the REI vacation. Sadly no way I could get Kim to go.

Happy Birthday to G. 32 still a young pup.

tracie said...

you are too much! you totally should have told Mr. Muscle man to shove it! :P Tell Gary I said happy bday!!!

don't beat yourself up too much, I was going to run this morning too, but my bed was much more comfortable.

Kim Ammon said...

Just wanted to say hello! I miss Cleveland so much. You look like you are making big strides in your training. I cant wait until the day we can finish your first tri together!

kim ammon said...

We need to catch up. Seems like you are having some frustrations. Please call!

kim ammon said...

I almost forgot....Tell Gary I said Hello and Happy Birthday!!!

Kristen said...

Yay, climbing!

We like to climb here:

Red river gorge is not far from your home, right? It's supposed to have awesome climbing!

Whatever you do, be sure you stay at least one night at the local climber's campground.

triguyjt said...

hey there.... I love your dog those wrinkles, or do you call them character references??
can your dogs run with your guys???

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