Friday, December 7, 2007
Sooo I took a sick day from work yesterday! It was more of a mental health day, than sick day really. I am definitely under the weather, but not horribly ill; just feel kind of blah and tired, run down, etc. I slept in, which was nice. But only until 8:30 b/c Mushi was being obnoxious. Then I cleaned the entire house, which was much needed! Then I ran 3 miles and included a bunch of hills. Then I rode my trainer for 20 mins, then I went and swam 1000 yards! I had my own mini triathlon. We attended a roller skating birthday party for my neighbor Renata and it was really fun. I mean there were people there that were serious skaters. It was surreal, I wish I had had my camera with me. I didn’t fall down and it felt like a pretty good workout actually!

I momentarily contemplated calling off again today, but I want to save some vacation days to roll over. So, here I am. Boo. I am going to run out and get donuts for a meeting we have at 10. I hope I can get back to the office w/o eating 10 of them!

Tonight I will lift weights and go for a short run. Tomorrow I am contemplating going to an indoor cycling class at, but it is all the way in Akron and it is 2 hours long and I am scared that will be too much for me. But I think I will go…it will be tough, but worth it I’m sure. Sunday we are going to my SIL’s graduation from Grad school in Columbus, so I guess I’ll get in a shortish early morning run – 6-8 miles maybe.


tracie said...

Sounds like you have a pretty good weekend planned! Have fun!

Let me know how the cycling class turns out.

Joshua Middleton said...

Mmm. Donuts!

I have been hearing that a lot of people are feeling a little blah lately. I guess it's the new snowy weather moving in our region!!!

Have a great weekend cupcake!


Dan Seifring said...

Great workouts Monica, and have a great weekend.

DaisyDuc said...

Sometimes you really need those days and I feel long overdue!

You will be fine on Saturday. Everything can be modified to whatever your fitness level is. You won't regret going, guarantee!!

B Bop said...

You were at Renata's party??????? I had to miss it due to my night classes, but met Renata through Amy (the other birthday girl) this fall. Small world...I mean small town.

B Bop said...

I'm way behind on these comments....but I agree with Janet. The workout Saturday will be great.

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