Sunday, December 2, 2007

Great white sharks make me pee my pants

Good morning Bloggy friends. Thanks for all the congrats yesterday, still feeling good. I had a PR this year in 5K, 10K and Half marathon! Of course I've only been running 2 years, so you would hope I'd be better this year than last! I can't wait for my next marathon in May to see how I do. In the back of my head I am thinking about signing up for the Buckeye Trail Winter half marathon. No one wants to do it with me though and it's going to be cold, and hilly and treacherous. I think I will anyway, but I must admit, in the back of my mind I wonder if I want to do the whole marathon, shhh, I don't want to say it too loud b/c I probably won't. But I'm running 13 miles strong right now and I have 7 weekends between now and then. I know b/c it's so tough, I'd be lucky to do it in under 5 hours so it wouldn't be like I cared about my time... OH well, I think I will sign up and do the HM and see how it feels after I have done 13 miles that day. I am doing the flying pig with my friend, but my other friend is doing Big Sur and I am so tempted to do that one instead. It's first, then do the HM at the Pig so I can go support my friend. But it's just super pricey to get out to that part of CA. So much to think about.

It is pretty nasty out, kind of wet and snowy, but it's the wind that is making me want to get back into bed. But I won't! I WILL GET IN AT LEAST 10 MILES TODAY! Hopefully 13-15, but at least 10. I need to redeem my weak points from last week on the virtual Tri. I want to make sure my points are over 200 each week. Last week I was in the low 100s! Not good. And I have something going on Mon (movies), Tues (HRM training seminar at Bike Authority) and Wed (road race series awards dinner) after work, so that's going to make it tough.
I am sitting here drinking coffee and waiting for the light on my ipod to go from orange to green. Of course I turn it on this morning and realize the battery is low. I am running solo and need my tunes to keep me going, I very rarely run long distances alone, so they are always a struggle and when I am done, I am always really happy to know I really am a runner and don't need people to talk to get through it! I was going to head out to the towpath, but since a storm is rolling around out there decided to stay closer to home. If I was at the towpath, I could have run 7 out and then it would start pouring and I'd have to run all the way back. I will make sure I am out there by 8:15.

Lots to do today, after I run I have book club at 1pm at Bar Louie, pretzel sticks here I come. Then Gary and I are going over to see my friends new baby boy Mehir. We didn't get the tree up last night b/c I was snoozing by 9! So, maybe tonight.

Oh yeah, by the way Josh, I really liked the 2 planet earths (pole to pole and mountains, both on the first disc) we watched last night. Check em out. They are a little gory and sad at time for my taste, but filmed so beautifully you get over it. The scenes they have on great white sharks almost made me cry out of fear! Those things are just freaky, does it ever freak anyone else out to know that those are out there! I mean they look like science fiction to me. The fact that they can propel their entire bodies out of the water, it's insane. I don't think I could handle even being in a boat anywhere near a shark and watching it feed, but I am hooked to the screen during shark week. If I ever get to Ironman, you won't catch me doing one that involves the ocean, this woman is scared shitless of the ocean. I only get in if I am in crystal clear water with a snorkle, I want to see allllll around me. Most attacks happen in waist deep water. So, you won't catch me playing in the water in FL. Nothing evokes fear in me for no reason like looking at that sharks mouth right there. Well, actually spiders do too, but that's another post. Great, now my skin is all wiggy thinking about spiders moving.


tracie said...

ha ha ha! Yes, sharks ARE very scary! Sorry I missed book club. I wouldn't have been any fun to be around anyhow.

I hope you got your run in today!

Joshua Middleton said...

I hope your skin went back to normal from being all wiggly. I hate that feeling!

Thanks for the planet earth suggestion. I definitely want to check that out. I think I may wait until we get a bigger tv, though! I hear it's much better on a larger screen.

I know I'm always full of questions, but what book are you reading in your book club??


E-Speed said...

If you want to do winter buckeye sign up soon! It will definitely sell out. Good news is all distances cost the same! And if on the day you feel good instead of stopping at 13 you just keep going!

Running on Something said...

hi monica - i came across your thread on ctc asking if anyone was doing the pig. i'm thinking about doing the pig this year - it will be my third marathon - it looks like we are at pretty similiar pace - we finished close at the reindeer run. would love someone to train with. email me at sometime if you'd like to run. I've just started going to the tuesday night runs at garfield reservation again.


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