Sunday, December 30, 2007

OMG! I am like totally puffy!

It is absolutely amazing what 2 measly weeks off can inflict on you. I am a puffy, gross, bloated, zitty mess. I feel awful. I've been excercising, but my eating has been that of a crazed buffet maniac. So much candy, so many cookies, I can't even wrap my brain around it. It's over, we opened presents last night. Today I am back to the no artificial sugar/whole/super foods diet. I mean it. I can barely run. I did 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday and that's ALLLLLL I could do before I was sweating like a pig and on the verge of throwing up. My body is basically poisoned right now ya'll (come on I'm home in KY right now, gotta use the right lingo). I did 2 more this morning and plan on getting in 2 more 20 min sessions today so that I start my diet off on the right foot with 6 miles.

Yesterday I grabbed coffee with 2 of my high school girlfriends. I grew up in a small town, so the people I went to kindergarten with are the same people I graduated high school with. So, I still have some good old friends who have known me since I was knee high to a pigs eye!
Xmas was good. My parents gave us some new sheets for our new king size bed and some new hallway rugs, along with a few new sports bras and some scarves and gloves and a fancy scrabble board that rotates and has little plastic dividers so the letters don't move! My sis and BIL gave me these great yoga sandles that seperate y our toes and stretch them out and a yoga DVD and got G an extra long yoga mat, he'll be happy not to use my pink one anymore! My mom got my dad a new fancypants office chair and he got her one of those inversion tables you hang upside down on, that thing is crazy! Gary's mom gave me a shit ton of gift cards, which are the best for me b/c I love to shop, but never have any money. She also gave us a beautiful handmade wine bottle holder and a bottle of our fav. wine Conundrum (soooo tasty). She got G some new cross country skiis and boots. His Dad & stepmom gave me a nice workout outfit, a swimcap and a Dick's giftcard, which is always wonderful I can't wait to go shopping. I ordered myself a late Xmas gift - LL Bean has these wonderful thin quilted coats in a great range of colors on sale for $50. They are called the Weatherfield. Check them out if you need a new winter coat, they are good to negatuive 10 degrees, but so thin! Someone had one on at work,they are super cute. THe mens' versions aree on sale for $30!

My mom, sister and great aunt and I are heading to Lexington shortly to see Juno, I can't wait. I hear it's an awesome flick. I stared my day off with turkey breast and a soy latte with no splenda. I head home tomorrow. G was supposed to come with me, but came down with the flu or something. So, hopefully he feels better tomororw. I am hoping we can go to dinner with our neighbors. On Tuesday I am planninng a mega workout day with a mile swim and 6-8 miles ran, along with my ab destroyer video. Start the new year off right. Haaayyy.

Have a happy, safe New Years Eve Bloggy friends!


DaisyDuc said...

Blah, I hate that bloated feeling...although I think it is good to remember that feeling to give us motivation to work harder when the holidays are through and the time is right!

Steve Stenzel said...

Puffy. What a great word. But not the way that you used it. That's depressing.

; )

triguyjt said...

you had a great holiday despite your feelings of puffiness and you have the right attitude. thats gone...move on. enjoy the shopping. and hey..wasn't juno great?? bride and i loved it.
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